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Professor Bruno Millet

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Bruno MILLET (born: July 17, 1965) obtained his MD degree in 1997 from the René Descartes University – Paris V- (Prof. Olié); Diploma of Psychiatry and PhD in 2002 from the Paris VI University: “Psychopathology and Behavioural Neurobiology”; Thesis Research Title: “Chronobiological and Genetic Hypotheses in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD”

Websites: http://www.fondationpierredeniker.org; http://www.ariane-paris.org

Current positions: Professor of Adult Psychiatry, University Paris 6 – Coordinator of the STOCAD Department (Hôpital La Pitié-Salpêtrière, 40-70 Boulevard de l’Hôpital, 75013 PARIS). STOCAD: Stimulations cérébrales pour patients souffrant de TOC, de troubles Affectifs et sevrage des troubles Addictifs (Brain Stimulation for OCD, Affective and Addictive disorders).

Aside from academic teaching, clinical treatment of mentally-ill patients at La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris (France) and clinical trials (more than 20 trials as PI and 10 as a national coordinator) for new psychiatric medications, Bruno Millet is actively involved in the following : (1) utilization of rTMS equipment for the treatment of OCD, depression and hallucinations in psychiatric patients; (2) use and evaluation of high frequency deep brain stimulation (DBS) material for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, OCD and malignant depression in humans and in animal models; (3) research on comportment disorders of the basal ganglia; and, (4) functional MRI evaluation of patients suffering from severe OCD. Currently, he coordinates two multi-centered studies involving DBS in the treatment of resistant and chronic depression (double blind randomized trial comparing nucleus accumbens DBS versus sham stimulation), and rTMS using neuronavigation system (double blind randomized trial comparing rTMS + neuronavigator versus rTMS alone).

At the Brain and Spine Institute (La Pitié-Salpêtrière), Bruno Millet is currently associated with the Social and Affective Neuroscience (SAN) team focused on neurophysiologic and neuropsychological comprehension of emotions and social disturbances. He is presently directing postdoctoral candidates working on the following topics: (1) rTMS and neuronavigation; (2) chronic resistant depression treated by DBS; (3) OCD and PETScan; and, (4) the role of the basal ganglia in schizophrenia.

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Tom Nagel

Thomas NAGEL
Manages the Avicenus website as designer, moderator and contributor.

 Retired Consultant in Data Processing
ARIANE-Paris:  Member of the Board of Directors, Secrétaire Général.
Teacher of English:  business English in an international context.
Sports consultant:  handicap issues, international baseball.

 Teaching Experience:
Sciences-Po, Paris-Descartes, IPSA (school of engineering in aeronautics and space), AIMS-Software / smartFOCUS (marketing database software), University of Wisconsin, LANCO (Langues et Cooperation Paris).


2011-12:  University of Paris at Créteil, Faculty of Law:  Diplôme Universitaire de Mandataire Judiciaire à la Protection des Majeurs:  Diplôme Universitaire at the University of Créteil, Certificat National de Compétences, Studies in French family law, psychiatry, sociology and social action, authorized court appointed guardian.
1976-77:  Institut National de Langues et Civilisations Orientales, Paris: Chinese
1974-77:  Langues et Coopération, Paris: training for teachers of English
1973-74:  Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris: French
1968-70:  McGill University, Montréal: English and History
1966-68:  Denison University, Granville, Ohio: English and Journalism

1983 – 2009:  Baseball umpire, France, 10 European Championships; Bronze and Silver Medal, AFCAM (French Association of Multisport Umpires and Referees); member of the Public Relations and Media Commission of the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) 2009-2013; President of the CNAB (National Commission of Baseball Umpires) 2001-2006.
2009 – 2013:  Launched the first blind baseball team in France http://bipbaseball.fr/, competitions in Italy and Germany (Mole Cup); founder and first President of the Federal Commission on Sports and Handicap.
2013 to present: representative of the FFBS to the French Paralympic Committee.

 IT Management Experience:
Software Continuity (2011-present) professional auditors of software systems for large companies.
Initiatives et Développement / Loyaltouch (2010-2011) CRM Business Unit consultant.
AIMS-Software / smartFOCUS (1999-2010) International Sales Support and Consulting.
RODENSTOCK (1998-1999) IT Director France.
SERNAM (1997) (French National Railways). Project Director of first Extranet website.
MARKPOINT (1993-1997) Paris, Lyon, Gothenburg, Sweden. Technical Director France.
Data Acquisition Systems (1985-1999) Paris, France. Founder and partner. Consulting services to small and large multinationals.

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