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Psychiatric and mental disorders have been the object of intense scientific scrutiny since antiquity.

Beyond the early endeavors of each individual world culture in this area, towards the end of the first millennium ancient Greek medical thought inspired middle-eastern medical practitioners to both write on this subject and to begin to treat such pathologies in an organized manner. Medieval translations of early Arabic texts into Latin became the basis for modern medicine and by extension set down the basis for modern psychiatry.

Since the middle ages, the treatment of mental disorders has been both colorful and singularly innovative, demonstrating society’s single-minded desire to alleviate the suffering of mental patients and to understand the nature of their afflictions.

Each succeeding new century has brought inspirational breakthroughs as well as happenstance discoveries that have nourished modern psychiatric insight in its attempt to improve the lot of patients suffering from mental disorders.

The last century brought us Freudian insight, pharmacological advances and medical electronics. Will this new century witness the birth of new electrical and numerical aides for the treatment of mental disorders? We believe this to be the case.

This site, Avicenus, is dedicated to the open-minded and open-ended discussion and examination of such emerging technologies:

– PET Scans
– Deep Brain Stimulation
– Magnetic stimulation
– Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
– repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
– Electro stimulation
– transcranial electrical stimulation : Courant de Limoges
– Ingested electrical indicators
– Computer modelling
– Data mining of medical statistics
Professionals should feel free to submit articles, observations and speculation on such related subjects.


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Pinel - work in progress
Pinel – work in progress